At 2SISTERS NEPAL COOKING SCHOOL people from all over the world come together to learn and create delicious Nepali food in a friendly and relaxed space.


Our passionate and enthusiastic instructors will give you lots of information about the food you are going to prepare. You will have a fun and amazing hands-on cooking experience that will immerse you in Nepali culture and traditions.


We run three classes everyday at 9am, 1pm and 5pm; Mon-Sun.


Classes are expected to run for 3,5 hours depending on the number of participants. Each participant will create a 3 course traditional Nepali meal.


Reserve your seat for best culinary experience with us Now!



* This is very unique experience where you will try many new things in your life for the first time! So, please come with an open mind; willing to try new things.


 * You will receive information about Nepalese food, spices, cooking techniques, culture and traditions instructed by English speaking staff who are friendly and fun to be with.


* Meet new people from around the globe and share this unique experience together.


*Get rid of hustle and bustle and spend few hours in peaceful place.

*Dine in our beautiful garden with great ambience.


* Hands on cooking experience.

Cooking for charity and Empowering local women  


It is easier than ever for travellers to join the feminist movement through immersive and impactful experiences that empowers local women. 2sisters cooking school is run by young female entrepreneurs who comes from different walks of life.

You can be a part of our charitable work by participating in our cooking class. Some percentage of profit from 2Sisters Nepal Cooking School goes to the school in the rural part of Eastern Nepal. 


Your participation can create big difference in their life, who would otherwise miss out on much needed education for better possibilities in the future


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