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Join us for a unique social cooking class experience where you can have fun while learning the art of authentic Nepali cuisine. Our warm and inviting cooking class combines traditional recipes, fresh ingredients and hands-on learning for an unforgettable cooking class experience like never before. 2Sisters Nepal cooking School is the perfect place to connect with others who share a love for food and culture.

Immerse yourself in the vibrant flavors and aromas of Nepal as our experienced instructors guide you through the preparation of traditional dishes. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced home cook, our classes are designed to be interactive and enjoyable for all skill levels. Come and discover the joy of cooking while learning about Nepalese heritage, myths, facts and leave with a happy heart and tummy full.


2 Sisters Nepal cooking School

Experience Authentic Nepali Cooking Class at 2 Sisters Nepal Cooking School

By attending one of our classes you are supporting scholarship programme for the children from marginalised community in the eastern part of rural Nepal. 2 Sisters Nepal cooking school also supports  community dog welfare centre in need.

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It is easier than ever for travellers to join the amazing 2 Sisters Nepal Cooking School. 2 Sisters is owned and run by young female entrepreneurs who comes from different walks of life.

We aim to introduce our passion for cooking traditional Nepali cuisine to people of all ages from all the over the world who are travelling to Nepal. We provide guests with an opportunity for hands-on experience in a hygienic, well organised kitchen and most importantly FUN cooking class environment.

Our recipes and preparation processes are based on traditional Nepali cuisine with the occasional touch of modern fusion. For example we use gas instead of firewood, stainless steel benches as work stations instead of sitting on the floor.

We have a very good team who speaks fluent English and are very experienced in their task.

Many say 2 Sisters Nepal Social Impact Cooking classes are one of the best experiences they have had, read more below!

Don´t miss this opportunity:-)

Our classes

At 2 SISTERS NEPAL COOKING SCHOOL you will have lots of fun and amazing hands-on cooking experience that will immerse you in Nepali culture and traditions.

Our classes are held three times everyday at 9am, 1pm and 5pm; Mon-Sunday. Contact us by pressinging the "Book Class" button. Don't miss out, come in and participate in a class.

Empowerment through cooking, that is what 2 Sisters Nepal Cooking School is all about. 

We started 2 Sisters Nepal Cooking School in 2018 and since 2023 running our classes from a new location in Boudha, just a few minutes away from Boudha Stupa (World Heritage Site).

At 2 Sisters Nepal we offer fun cooking classes that provide a hands-on experience in making Nepali food that will immerse you into nepalese culture and traditions. The class is based on your choice of three course meal which will go quick, we meet as strangers and leave as friends through a shared experience over food.

Our mission is to empower women and educate children from marginalised community in need. 

Please feel free to Contact us if you have any questions or want to learn more.

What Our Customers Say

Wonderful experience.

Amazing food!

Three of us had a wonderful evening cooking, talking and eating with Shuhsma at her cooking class. Shushma was the perfect host - friendly, welcoming and very generous sharing her skill and knowledge about Nepali food, culture and history. The food we cooked was some of the best we ate during our 3 weeks in Nepal, and we look forward to sharing the food with friends when we return home. Many thanks!

- Tim, Australia

Must do in Kathmandu - special time in our trip

Definitely one of the highlight of my stay in Nepal. I learned a lot about local ingredients and ways of cooking but also about the culture. It was a real pleasure to exchange about everything and to see all Shusma's ideas to create positive impact. She really empowers women and she's definitely someone you want to learn from. Time flied that day.The plus is also the ebook sent at the end, I just reproduced a recipe at home and everyone loved it. A must-do in Kathmandu. Thanks again!

- Jeanne, France

Amazing experience of Nepalese cooking

Cannot recommend 2Sisters Cooking School enough! Everyone we met was friendly and professional, and we were given really in-depth information about not only our dishes, but the spices and techniques used in Nepalese cooking. It was a real hands-on experience (we were actively involved in every element of the food we made) and everything was delicious! Superb evening, thank you very much!

- Kat Merrick, UK. 

2Sisters Cooking School is run by young female entrepreneurs who comes from different walks of life. The women aim to share their passion for cooking traditional Nepali cuisine to people from all over the world, with a percentage of the profits going to support education projects in rural regions of Eastern Nepal.

- The Altruistic Traveller


2 Sisters Nepal Cooking School

Experience our social impact cooking class which explores culinary delights and connect with the warm spirit of Nepal.

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